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NorthStar Industrial

EMS and Fire Services, Inc.

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NorthStar EMS has been at the forefront of providing EMS medical care and transportation services since 1992.  Our Industrial EMS and Fire Services division launched in 2019.  Today, working with our partners to create tailor-made, safety solutions, we have established programs to:

  1. Identify opportunities to enhance current safety practices,

  2. Reduce on-the-job employee injuries by tracking/trending all incidents and developing action plans to mitigate reoccurrence to reduce lost time and medical treatment costs.

  3. Work with safety teams to enhance safety practices, emergency response plans and develop safety policies/procedures.

  4. Provide safety inspections with an emphasis on fire inspection, equipment checks, lock out/tag out procedures, HazMat and fire responses.

  5. Offer our partners access to medical and safety training.


Our Team believes that Team Members want to work in an environment where they feel “Safe” and “Secure.”  NorthStar is committed to working with our partners to promote a Culture of Safety.


Pictured above:

 (Left) Fire Chief Warren Knight in Tuscaloosa, AL

(Right) Fire Chief Jeff Young in Ladson, South Carolina


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