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NorthStar EMS Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values 

Why is having a Vision important?  It helps inspire people to do great things!  When an organization’s vision stems from the innermost values and beliefs of its people, it generates a tremendous excitement, a compelling spirit, and a passionate commitment in its members.  Enormous energy is suddenly unleashed.  There is a higher level of commitment because employees are able to see the relationship between the organizations vision and what they personally believe in and care about. 

Our Vision

To be Alabama's premier EMS Provider of prehospital care and medical transportation services


Each and every day, our company will enact our mission the best we can.  However, it is also important that we understand our Core Values…or the guidelines for how we accomplish our mission.  Core Values are those dynamic principles and/or convictions that serve as the barometer for every decision we make. 

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