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 2 Elite EMS Accreditations

  • In December 2013, NEMS became the first EMS service in the State of Alabama to achieve Accreditation as a Center of Excellence (ACE) awarded by the International Academies of Emergency Medical Dispatch. NEMS was recognized for its compliance and comprehensive implementation with the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) and its 20 points of Excellence. MPDS is the world’s most widely used 911 type of prearrival instruction(s) and dispatch life support protocol system with scripted telephone instructions for all type of emergencies including choking, heart attacks, bleeding and childbirth to name a few. Dispatchers quickly determine the medical problem and can quickly help the caller provide life saving assistance to the patient until the ambulance EMT and Paramedics arrive.

  • NEMS also achieved accreditation from the Commission on Ambulance Services (CAAS) in June 2014 becoming the second EMS service in the state to accomplish this goal. CAAS is not only about making sure that business practices are defined and followed, but it also assesses a company’s commitment to quality improvement initiatives. The Commission’s independent review of NEMS’ organizational performance, vehicles and equipment, community engagement, and patient clinical standards validates that the Company is adhering to the highest standards in the Emergency Medical Services industry. Accreditation by the Commission assures communities that NEMS meets all national performance benchmarks while delivering high quality care to patients and their families. NEMS can now be counted in this “ ELITE ” class of EMS organizations who have made the commitment to become a leader in EMS.

NorthStar CAAS Accreditations Include: Tuscaloosa, Fayette, Marion, and Blount.

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