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It takes a special person to want a career in EMS.  This job isn’t for everyone, but when you need help, it’s our Team you want to respond! 

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Medical Direction

Dr. Elwin Crawford serves as NEMS’ Off-line Medical Director and is actively involved in all aspects of clinical care performance.

Proud to wear this patch!

The NorthStar EMS (NEMS) patch displays the “Star of Life”, and it also promotes our company motto, “Excellence in Prehospital Care!”  In 1992, this motto created the foundation of NEMS as we know it today.  A lot of hard work went into building an EMS service committed to providing high quality patient care.  Our patch represents who we are as a company and more importantly the professionalism of our Team Members in building an EMS service that has become Alabama’s largest ambulance provider. 

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Alabama's 1st ACE accredited center


NEMS Communications Center

All our Telecommunicators are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs)

NEMS Operations







Fleet Services


Our Fleet Services Team plays a critical role in taking care of our patients by ensuring that our vehicles are well-maintained, safe and reliable. 


Capstone Claims

We believe that our Billing Team provides patient care by helping to reduce the out-of-pocket expense for medical care and transportation. 

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