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Key Personnel

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Tinia McLaughlin

Director of  Business Services

Position Overview:

Mrs. McLaughlin serves as the director of Capstone Claims, a subsidiary of NEMS that manages ambulance billing services.  Her duties include oversight and direction of all billing and account collections, contract and development. She is responsible for maintaining current knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and other federal and state regulations that involve the EMS industry.  She is responsible for ensuring compliance in billing practice, contract and other business transactions that relate to reimbursement.


Mrs. McLaughlin is a licensed registered nurse having worked in community health, acute care and home health settings, serving as interim agency director, prior to working in EMS. She has worked in EMS since 1998. She currently serves on Alabama Medicaid Provider Forum and Medicare Provider Outreach Group. She also serves on the Medicare Regulatory Workgroup with the American Ambulance Association.

Training and Education:

Mrs. McLaughlin completed her Associates Degree in Applied Science and received her licensure as a Registered Nurse in 1994.

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Capstone Claims Billing

Capstone Claims was incorporated in 2003.  This company began as the billing and collections department for NEMS.  We believe that our employees have a great responsibility.  Our chosen profession enables our caretakers to interact with people, who are in need, and positively impact their lives on a physical, emotional, and even spiritual basis.  However, patient care doesn’t end with the transport to the hospital, but continues on as our staff of billing experts work with patients and family members to limit out-of-pocket expenses and provide workable solutions to reconcile individual accounts.


As an experienced provider of billing and collection services, with a depth of regional resources, Capstone Claims is committed to developing a partnerships with agencies outside of NEMS. We take great pride in our history of working with other agencies throughout the state to create tailor-made solutions to their local billing and collection needs and in delivering prompt, high quality, yet cost-effective healthcare services.  Capstone Claims provides superior and innovative EMS billing and collection practices to communities throughout the state of Alabama working with EMS policymakers, public safety agencies, fire departments, healthcare institutions, local residents, and community groups to ensure exemplary levels of compliant billing practices and customer service in a fiscally responsible and cooperative manner.

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