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Key Personnel

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Chuck Carlisle

Director of Finance 

Position Overview:

 Mr. Carlisle is responsible for all financial matters of the organization both internal and external. He ensures that systems are in place to provide strong internal controls over any financial transactions for the group.  He also prepares and analyzes financial reports and information for the use of operating management and owners.  He establishes and maintains relationship ties with financial institutions to provide for the organizations financial strength and health.


After finishing an undergraduate degree in 1983, Mr. Carlisle began his career as a department manager for a publishing company before transitioning to employment as a financial planner for a national investment company.  Since 1991, and other than a three-year period as a commercial lending officer at a community bank, Mr. Carlisle has worked in the medical industry since finishing his graduate degree. He has worked for a hospital system where his responsibility included negotiations for managed care contracts for services rendered by the hospital and its associated physicians.


His more recent experience has been as the Administrator for three separate specialty physician practices in the areas of Otorhinolaryngology, Cardiology and Orthopedics.  Mr. Carlisle joined NEMS in February 2018.

Training and Education:

Mr. Carlisle received his Bachelor of Arts from the School of Communication at The University of Alabama in December 1983.  Mr. Carlisle later returned to receive his Master of Business Administration from the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama in the Spring of 1991.


NorthStar EMS' Finance Department is responsible for the planning, organizing, auditing, accounting and controlling the finances of the company and its subsidiaries.

This includes such financial functions as day-to-day general ledger entry, Accounts Payable, and fixed asset procurement and costing. The department is also responsible for the short-term cash management and the long-term debt management programs. The Department assists Human Resources in the payroll process.  The Department also works closely with the Billing Department to supplement the Accounts Receivable process.  The Department is instrumental in helping subsidiary business units review financial performance with an emphasis on improving cost controls and gaining efficiencies.

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