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NEMS Services


As an experienced provider of ambulance and EMS services, with a depth of regional resources, NEMS is committed to developing EMS partnerships that offer a dependable, clinically sophisticated ambulance medical care and transportation service. Ambulances are routinely inspected and certified operational by the State of Alabama, Office of EMS.  They are equipped with all required medical supplies and advanced technology.  Our highly skilled staff of EMTs, Paramedics and Support Teams stand ready to provide: 


Medical Services


Our core business is in providing medical transportation services to include Wheelchair van, BLS, and ALS Ambulances. All of our vehicles go through a rigorous Preventive Maintenance program. Additionally, all EMS Drivers are licensed by the State of Alabama after successfully completing an approved Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). Our Team is committed to ensuring safe, prompt and efficient transportation services.


  • 911 Emergency Medical Services

  • NEMS works with communities to serve as their primary 911 ambulance service.


  • Non-emergency Medical Services

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)

  • Critical Care Transportation (CCT)

  • Bariatric Transport (in limited areas)

  • Wheelchair Transportation (in limited areas)


  • Standby Services (Special events)




Our in-house training programs offer flexible schedules while meeting and exceeding continuing education standards as promulgated by the Alabama Department of Public Health, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma. NEMS also offers a variety of community educational opportunities including CPR classes, school programs, and ACLS and PALS


NEMS’ Training Academy provides educational opportunities to become an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), EMT-Basic or and Advanced-EMT.


EMS Dispatch


NorthStar EMS provides EMS dispatch services throughout Central Alabama.  All dispatch personnel complete an extensive training program and are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD).  Not only does our center dispatch for medical transportation requests, but we also have a center dedicated to providing Fire Department dispatching services.  Our centers are staffed 24 hour a day and we utilize current computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, recording devices, and geo-mapping.


Community Outreach


NEMS embraces our role as an EMS expert in the communities we serve.  In addition to the traditional EMS services offered, NEMS is also engaged in promoting “Injury & Illness” prevention strategies.  We believe the best care that can be given is to help our citizens understand what they can do to prevent emergencies from occurring in the first place.  NEMS is very active in participating in community health fairs, show & tell programs for schools, providing speakers for civic functions, and working with news media outlets to provide valuable information on multiple EMS related topics.


EMS Billing


Capstone Claims is a subsidiary of NorthStar EMS, Inc., and manages the billing and collections processes for the NorthStar EMS family of companies. Staying abreast of current CMS rules and regulations that govern reimbursement strategies has been Capstone Claim’s key to success. Compliance with these guidelines is our top priority. Capstone Claims has positioned itself to provide services for other EMS agencies and also performs Physician Billing services.





NorthStar EMS has over 300 years of EMS experience throughout our Leadership Team. Our Team of experts are knowledgeable on all facets of EMS services.




For more information on Services offered please email:

Or call (205) 345-0911

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